Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady GaGa Today Show Video

Lady Gaga performed on the 'Today' show on Friday morning for a crowd of an estimated 20,000 people who took over a humid and rainy Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

The singer started her set with the classic Gershwin ballad 'Someone to Watch Over Me,' wearing an all-white ensemble of pants, a bra and a blazer. With dancers backing her, she took off the jacket and launched into her hit 'Bad Romance.'

Before continuing the performance, the hosts of the 'Today' show talked to Lady Gaga about the realities of fame and her new music."There are certainly things that are difficult to deal with," Gaga said. "But the kind of fame that I cherish is the relationship I have with my fans."

Lucky for her fans, Lady Gaga then performed 'You and I,' a brand new song from her upcoming record. The singer sat alone at her piano to play the soulful rock ballad and climbed atop it for the finale of the song.After a break, Lady Gaga returned to the stage in a black version of her previous outfit to sing 'Alejandro,' encouraging her "little monsters" to put their hands up. She closed her set with a performance of 'Teeth.'