Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Earthquake Shakes Southern California

People are talking about the most recent news Earthquake Shakes Southern California today July 7, 2010. Earthquake has been always a disaster for all living beings. People always prays that it never occurs but it does as it’s a part of nature.

The recent Earthquake news states that a 5.4 magnitude earthquke shook one of the California’s most alive faults on Wednesday, causing a rock slide close by Palm Spring.At the beginning the earthquake was announced to be around a 5.9 magnitude tremor, but U.S. Geoogical Survey later downgraded the magnitude to 5.9 magnitude. The earthquke shook the earth at 4.53 pm.In the beggining there were no straitaway reports of property damage or injuries. ccording to the USGS, the epicentre represented 13 miles north-west of Borrego Springs, and 28 miles south of Palm Springs and its centre was 6.8 miles deep.

One of the country’s top earthquake experts, Lucille Jones of U.S. Geological Survery seismologist narrated that the Desert Sun the quake occurred in what’s called as the San Jacinto fault zone, which is the most seismically live fault in California.The shaking was experienced as far off as Las Vegas, San Diego and Ridgecrest, which is 100 miles of north of Los Angeles.