Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Hills Season Finale

Pop quiz, Crushers! If you've noticed the words "BMX racer" and "Corey Bohan" lurking in your minds during "The Hills," it's because...

A) He's got a huge crush on Spencer
B) He's hoping to be noticed by a casting producer and given his own reality spin-off show
C) He and Audrina Patridge are back on like Donkey Kong
We'll give you a hint: There's romance in the air, and it's NOT because Corey is hoping to become the next Mrs. Pratt. According to Audrina, who talked to us from the finale's red carpet, she and her former beau are together again. And it sounds serious!

"I'm with Corey," Audrina told MTV news. "He's always been in the background. He's always been my one true love."

(Hear that, Ryan Cabrera and Justin Bobby? You guys were just filler.)

Audrina also dished on what she's up to now that "The Hills" has finally finished — including confirming the rumors that a new reality show is in the works, one that introduces fans to her family. The star promises that we'll see a different side of her than the L.A. party girl we've gotten to know over six seasons of dates, drama, and dudes.

"It's real insight into my life," she said of the show. "I'm a little scared [to have my family on the show]. It's really hard to let that sink in, but we're really close. I'm really goofy. I ramble a lot. I don't always have blank stares."

Not one to sit around in a post-Hills funk, Audrina also just wrapped work on "Honey 2," and she says she's looking forward to a future where she gets to spread her wings.

"It's bittersweet. It still hasn't hit me," she said. "It's gonna be hard. Everybody's gonna have a new path and new beginnings."

Will you watch Audrina's new reality show? What do you think about her calling Corey her "one true love" after you saw all those moments with her and Justin?