Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chupacabra Found In Texas Barn

All over the internet, people are searching for the Chupacabra pictures.

The pictures of the brutal Chupacabras have even become one of the hottest searched-for information today. Recently, Chupacabra was found in Texas.

One of the evil and creepy looking mythological creatures was killed by a rancher in Hood County, Texas. According to the reports, the killed creature looks a lot like the inexplicable monster Chupacabras.

According to Animal Control Officer Frank Hackett, the found creature was real ugly and horrible. It cannot be considered among the normal animals. It was also reported that another Chupacabra was set to death earlier in the week in Hood County.

The found animals that are suspected to be a Chupacabras will undergo DNA testing to conclude what they really are.

The Chupacabras are known as the goat suckers which look like a vampire like dog. Attached are some possible Chupacabra pictures, which are known to be the blood sucker of cattle animals like cows and goats.