Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Thor Trailer

Thor Comic Con Poster

How awesome is it that after Kenneth Branagh, the first member of the Thor cast to take the stage in Hall H is Clark Gregg?

When Chris Hemsworth takes the stage and instantaneously the very Australian muscle man has the place going nuts.Natalie Portman says her character doesn't rely on her cleavage and brushes off an unexpected question from the moderator about the Star Wars Prequels, saying that "blue screen acting is a skill you need to learn." Portman says she's down for future Thor movies, but won't be in Avengers.

The moderator makes up for it when he refers to Clark Gregg as "the glue of the Marvel Universe." Gregg says his line about New Mexico in Iron Man 2 was made up on the fly.

Tom Middleston says he loves playing Loki and he gets to create lots of mischief and destruction.

Kat Dennings makes a dopey statement about not liking comics and silences Hall H. Way to go.

Hemsworth's voice makes us want to go to Outback Steakhouse and now it is time to see some footage.

We open on a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. Thor is being interrogated by Agent Coulson. Coulson doesn't understand where Thor learned his fighting moves.

Thor obviously kicked a lot of ass and destroyed a lot of stuff. There's then a scene where he is in bed. He jumps up and starts going crazy hitting people, creating mayhem.

Thor is now kicking ass in the rain, cross-cut with Coulson's interrogation. Then we go to Asgard.

Sweeping shots. Everything is made of clouds. There are planets in the background. Then: Odin and Thor screaming at each other in the Asgard Palace, and Loki smiling like a douchebag. Odin sentences Thor to Earth.

The Warriors Three watch as Thor is shot down to Earth through. . . .what we'll describe as "magic clouds." He is found by Natalie Portman, who takes him to a hospital. There, Kat Dennings salivates over the hunky Norse God.

Thor and Natalie are searching for Mjolnir. When he finds the hammer it is crusted and in the ground. He screams. There is lightning. And we cut to a montage of:

The Warriors Three, Loki, helmets with horns, ice landscapes, Renee Russo as Thor's Mommy and a final bit of Thor flying with Mjolnir. Cuts to title card. Then back to Agent Coulson. The dust clears. A dumb agent asks, "Is that one of Stark's?" Caulson says, "That guy doesn't tell me anything."

Dust clears and we see: The Destroyer. They tell him to disarm and his head opens up with lasers blasting out, blowing up cars.

Kenneth Branagh compared Thor to Henry V after this footage.