Friday, July 16, 2010

Jessi Slaughter Given PCP By Her Father

Kerligirl13 - Jessi slaughter given pcp by her father
Every now and then some disturbing stories come out of the web. here's one disturbing story about an 11-year-old girl known as Jessi Slaughter who gain quite a notoriety on Youtube for posting videos of herself and uses really bad language.

if you listen to her you'd think she's not a child but a really bad-mouthed woman. But she's just a child. Her Youtube channel got quite popular and she is known as kerligirl13 but many also wanted to hurt her because of the way she acts on her videos, she got many haters who were out to get at her. It is apparent that she is left by her parents unsupervised when it comes to her online activities. Now lately she has a video up where she just broke down in front of the camera because of the hate that she's been recieving online. What is bad about the video is the appearance of her father in the background who dissed all her hater.
Now there is again another bad disturbing news about this poor 11 year old girl, it is said that Jessi Slaughter was given PCP by her father. I don't know where this story originated but it just cropped up on the world wild web. Yes, world wild web because this is how wild the web now.