Sunday, July 25, 2010

Justin Bieber Punches Girl

Justin Bieber Punches Girl - Here’s the latest rumors about Justin Bieber that never seems to be enough made from a fraudulent websites.

Justin Bieber punches girl is just a rumor. Justin Bieber didn’t punch a girl and will never punch a girl (hope so :) ) In fact, the only thing Justin Bieber punches is his busy schedule and an acting debut this September on CBS. A breaking news but not scandalous.

Baby Justin Bieber is also busy performing and making his fans happy with his dance moves and singing voice, plus preparing for his first acting role as CBS released their 2010-2011 season premiere lineup and this year, Justin Bieber will make his acting debut on the 11th season premiere for the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. We can all watch Justin Bieber as he debuts in the role of Jason McCann on September 23 and will air from 9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT.

Justin Bieber on CSI will play the character Jason McCann, described as a troubled teen faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother -a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the CSIs.

Justin Bieber is apparently excited about his acting debut. He posted a photo on his Twitter account from filming and encouraged his fans to watch the premiere.

The photo of Justin Bieber on CSI in a prison jumpsuit is only for the character and hoping this will not lead to possibly stating that he was arrested after punching a girl :D