Friday, August 6, 2010

13 Worst Marriage Proposals Ever Recorded

Someone posted on my Facebook wall about 13 worst marriage proposals ever recorded on Youtube! It sounded funny so I clicked on it and turns out that it's just one of those viral scripts that are circulating on Facebook. These scripts will compel you to become a fan and automatically post a message on your wall without your consent so that you will also infect your friends who will then infect their friends... and so on!

So, to save everyone from being a victim of these "viral scripts" on Facebook, I decided to gather all of these funny worst marriage proposals ever recorded on Youtube!

2. A certain audience named Mike of a Live TV show asked his girlfriend to marry him. Yes, he was very confident to do it a on a Live TV show with the whole world as the audience. Find out how his girlfriend reacted.

3. Marriage Proposal at a Baseball game