Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryan Howard Ejected

The Phillies' Ryan Howard (right) is restrained by Phillies third base coach Sam Perlozzo (left) and umpire Sam Holbrook during the 14th inning Tuesday in Philadelphia. Howard was tossed by third base umpire Scott Barry.
There is news from the baseball ground that Ryan Howard rejected. Previously Ryan was suffering an ankle injury and his team waited for three weeks to get him back in the team. He had returned back after a long time and was ready to join his team again.

Ryan Howard ejected news came out after the news of him being sent for a one day rest, obviously he wasn’t happy over the decision of the team management. Ryan Howard ejected on this Tuesday night, he played the first fourteen innings for his team on the Tuesday night game, before being ejected by a strike out. This was the fifth strike out of his game and he was looking a bit out of form this night. He had been struggling on the plate.

His scoring figures are not very impressive after his injury. Manuel said that the injured ankle of Ryan is still sore. It looks like that the team has called Ryan a bit before time, his injury should be given more time to heal properly. After the Ryan Howard ejected news, his fans were also disappointed and he was also to some extent. He has now been given more rest and he wasn’t allowed to play the games yesterday. It is also expected that he will also not be allowed in today’s game. Manuel said that when you leave the game for a month or more then you lose your form and the same case is the case of Ryan Howard.