Friday, August 27, 2010

Taylor Swift Mine Video

Her fans are chomping at the bit for some new music, and Taylor Swift is more than happy to give them what they want.

The “Should’ve Said No” songstress’s new video “Mine” is set to debut and her director Roman White has leaked more details about the clip.

"There's a lot of time travel in this video, which is fun. No DeLoreans [referring to the movie 'Back to the Future']! Time travel is horrible for the hair, but fun nonetheless ... It's evolving their family story."

White continued, "On the second day, we shot a lot of the stuff. The second day with her and Toby, [we shot] them moving in together, all of their stuff, where they're kind of living their life, them with their kids, them having their huge argument, kind of the moment at the end. We shot the wedding shot, which is very interesting ... those were the pictures that leaked first, which was very odd."