Friday, August 6, 2010

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen Fight Video

The most fabulous match Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen (full fight video given below) in the main event of UFC 117 and their clash was held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland

, Calif. on August 7. Silva faced by far the hardest test of his UFC career as Sonnen used his wrestling game to dominate the champion. As a result, Silva defeated Sonnen via triangle choke submission at 3:10 in round 5.

The good start of Sonnen set a brutal punches attack in the first round, Anderson turtles up and rolls. And Anderson let him hit him. In 30 seconds left in the round Chael postures up again and lands more big punches and at last, 10-8 round for Sonnen.

The second round, Sonnen rashly postures back up and leaves his right arm trapped in Silva’s web, although the champion seems to be only standing. A few elbows to Silva’s thigh break him to sleep and Sonnen blisters a right hand to Silva’s head. They have moved against the cage and the Brazilian is trying to use it to stand-up. He abandons the attempt as he catches an unsafe kimura, and then transitions for a possible leg lock, and the horn ends the action. At last, another one 10-8 round for Sonnen.

In the third round, Sonnen throwing swift fire, short punches at Silva. Silva is getting beat up and he has very little answer for Sonnen’s attack thus far. At last, again the round 10-9 for Sonnen. In the fourth round, Sonnen pounding on Silva, not let him up. Less than 2 minutes, Silva cannot find an answer for Sonnen’s acme control. Sonnen is blown up and bleeding but winning this fight cleverly.

At last round, Silva showed the heart of a champ and the finishing skills that make him the greatest in the world. Sonnen proved that he actually deserved to be in the cage with the world’s best fighter by never backing down and control the fight until the final submission. As a result, Silva beat Sonnen via triangle choke submission at 3:10 in round 5.