Saturday, August 28, 2010

UFC 118: BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar II fight card

Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn- The Rematch

Frankie Edgar schooled BJ Penn in their last fight at UFC 112 this past April to win the UFC Lightweight championship. BJ Penn wants his belt back and he will be coming out for revenge. There are a few questions you have to ask yourself. Is Frankie Edgar that much better than BJ Penn? Was BJ Penn unprepared and not ready for the assault he took from Edgar? Did BJ Penn lose a step? He used to be unbeatable in the UFC lightweight division. This rematch vs. Edgar will show us a lot about BJ Penn. Did we see the real BJ Penn at UFC 112 or will we see the real BJ Penn at UFC 118? Let's not take anything away from Frankie Edgar, he is a great UFC fighter, and he deserved the win. BJ Penn wants revenge, he wants his belt back, and he plans to get it at UFC 118 on August 28th.

Randy Couture vs. James Toney

Captain America is back for another fight at age 47. Eventually the man is going to have to retire from the UFC. This time, Randy Couture gets to fight James Toney. James Toney is a professional boxer and is known as "lights out" James Toney in the boxing world. James Toney is 41 and he really packs a punch. Good thing for Randy Couture, James Toney is an old fighter. He has lost a step or two. If he gets his meat hooks on Randy Couture, Captain America may kiss the canvas once again. Randy Couture will come out in this fight looking to take James Toney to the ground, pound him senseless, and put his lights out. This is Greco wrestling vs. professional boxing. If Randy Couture can stay away from Toney's punches and control the fight, Randy should win easily. James Toney still has a punchers chance. This fight should go to Randy Couture. If not, expect Randy to retire immediately after the fight.

Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard

Wow! This should be an awesome fight. Gray Maynard is undefeated in the UFC. Maynard has beaten Frankie Edgar, Roger Huerta, and Nate Diaz. The ladder two in split decisions. He is an awesome up and coming fighter in the UFC. Kenny Florian has won eight of his last nine fights. His only loss to BJ Penn out of the nine fights. Kenny Florian has fought the best of the UFC and has a huge experience advantage over