Friday, August 27, 2010

Mars August 2010

Internet has become one of the most prompt and instant way to communication and email is one of its tools but sometimes unverified emails can create a fuss among the people just like the news of two moons and Mars August 2010.

An email has been circulated all over the internet that 27th August will be the day when Mars gets closed to the earth in 2010 and you will witness two moons of earth, one is moon and other is Mars. The email also suggests that it only happens once in a life time, next time two moons event will happen in 2287 when no one among us will alive on earth, so don’t miss it and do watch the rare scene of Mars August 2010 as a moon.

Now, this email is not new to the surface. It keeps on coming and hitting the inbox for last almost seven years but every year people started to believe
the email and spend all the night to watch two moons in the sky.

If you believe this email as true then you could be spending your night under naked sky but if you want to know the real information, two moons will never going to happen because Mars can’t go so near to moon to match the size of moon.

If it happens, it will almost be the end of the world because the force of gravity of both Mars and earth will create disturbance all over the place. So, change your plans for watching two moons on 27th August and search for a movie on Mars or moon to get little less embarrassed.