Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daniel Tammet demostrates amazing ability on ABC 20/20 SuperHumans! [VIDEO]

Daniel Tammet was one of the ‘SuperHumans!’ featured on last night’s 20/20 on ABC. Tammet is 31-years-old and appears rather unremarkable to most. However, Daniel Tammet was born with a superhuman gift. Tammet’s brain is one of the most extraordinary on the planet Earth - ever.Daniel Tammet is a mathematical genius. The autistic savant, can solve astronomical calculations in a flash. He also speaks 9 languages one of when he invented himself called Manti.

According to Tammet, he was born able to experience numbers quite vividly. He describes it as the numbers moving around in his mind. They are either fast or slow and dark or bright. They tend to have emotion, motion and texture to him, which is what makes them highly memorable.

Daniel Tammet’s ability is called synesthesia, which is a mixture of the senses resulting in hightened sensory experiences. Not only can Tammet see the numbers, but also, he can feel the numbers, which is just amazing.

According to Tammet, the number 15 is white, yellow, lumpy and round. That is so interesting to know. Tammet’s mind’s eye sees each number as a 3D shape, which is part of what allows his abilities.