Friday, June 11, 2010

Esther Baxter Tries To Teach Joe Budden How To Float

Where do we start with the amazing Esther Baxter. Well, Esther Baxter was born on September 25, 1984 in Miami Florida. Esther’s resume includes more than 30 hip hop music videos. Needless to say there is a reason for that. She is a brickhouse! Her body is amazing and she has a face of a goddess. Esther combines an amazing body with a very sexy look. The camera absolutely loves her. She has appeared in all of the major urban magazines which include, Blackmen, Smooth, King, XXL, Vibe, and The Source. Esther has been a very busy woman.

Esther Baxter’s ultimate goal is to become a successful actress. After a year absence to have the birth of her child, Esther is back and better than ever! She will be starring in her first feature film ‘Speed Dating’ where she plays Christine. The release date is sometime in November. You know that is a must see! We at CC have been supporting this Dynamic Diva from the very beginning and its not going to stop anytime soon. Esther says she is taking a step back from doing videos and magazines for now, but you will still see her around. Esther was also in an episode of MTV’s From G’s to Gents. Needless to say she looked amazing. So keep an eye out for Esther as her movie drops late in the year.