Monday, June 21, 2010

Who Has A Girlfriend On The Bachelorette

Who Has A Girlfriend On The Bachelorette:This week on The Bachelorette extracts. I still have suspicions that one gets one-on-one dates, but I’ll leave him alone. Off to Iceland! This week ago solo date, only one group date and two one-on-one time, everyone goes on a date this week. For the two-to-head, two men enter, one man leaves. Thank you, ABC to give me another opportunity to give a shout to Thunderdome.

The show begins with a competition to win the solo date. Men need to compose poems of love for Ali, and she will choose the winner. The men shuffle around Reykjavik to try to learn Icelandic phrases to include in their poems. Unlike me, the guys have not learned last week, and that Kirk and Frank are smart enough to remember Roberto Winning Strategy to recite their poems in all grilled Ali. She growls, even other guys for their supervision. The poems are cute and surprisingly consistent, except for Kasey and Chris N. Kasey had subtitles added during its recitation and Chris N just seemed too nervous and blank. I am a little shocked to hear about Chris because he has no time so little air. Kirk wins! I guess that Ali was deciding between Kirk and Frank, because they were both coming during his poems and she says she chose it because Kirk did not have a date yet solo, but it is obvious that Ali likes some Kirk.

Kirk and Ali go to explore Reykjavik. I’m jealous because he is handsome, and though I hate traveling, I would really go to Iceland. Hijinks and hilarity ensue during a trip to a knitting workshop and end with two matching sweaters. Over lunch Kirk reveals that his longest relationship is less than a year, but does not go into details. Ali is now involved. Even if she really loves and wants to give Kirk a rose, she is worried because she feels like something Kirk inhibits it.

Back at the hotel, we discover that Roberto, Chris L. Chris N., Craig, Ty, and Frank will go to the date of the group. This leaves Kasey and Justin for two-to-head today. Voltage! Kasey and Justin do not like each other.

Back to Ali and Kirk. lunchtime and Kirk explains that five years ago, he got really sick when he was in college. He was a runner and very good (perhaps held some cases, may have won some stuff, I do not understand this part). He moved into a house one year, and the house was really old. All of a sudden he started having trouble breathing, then he felt dizzy, then he could not think straight and has lost his short term memory, so that he could not feel the left side of his body, then he could not speak. Obviously, it got worse and worse and at various points, he was not sure he would live. After numerous tests and visits to specialists, he began with the alternative medicine route. Yay! Not yay he got sick, but yay for alternative medicine, I am a big fan.

It turns out that he lived in a house in patients who had been deemed uninhabitable by health inspectors just before moving in. The house had Kirk asbestos and many forms of mold. On a more serious note, the mold can be very dangerous, people! It is up to you to do a little research on mold and symptoms of mold exposure. Stepping off soapbox and back wrap. As Kirk speaks Ali is melting. The two are so obviously in the other. For the record, I am stating that I think Kirk will be for both finals. Kirk gets a rose.

Date Time Group. Ponies and volcanoes and men in matching snowsuits … Oh my! Ty is jazzed because he knows to ride and it really shines as he helps Ali and the other guys on. Ali takes the guy in a cave for some caving. Sweet!

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Justin is going somewhere and had his cast removed and get a bunch of walking. After last week, I’m really tired of Kasey, his tattoo, his sincerity, and his speech demonstrative of the camera. It is probably a really nice guy, but he has just plucked my last nerve. When the day, two-to-face was announced I was a little happy because I thought Kasey would eclipse Justin, but Justin goes and ruins by a statement (in reference to the removal of the cast) as’ a small step for Justin, but one giant leap for Rated-R. I had hoped that Justin was playing up the angle Rated R distract and disrupt the other guys, but to say that during an interview … fragmented beyond belief. I hope Ali follows the footsteps of Jake and starts both Kasey and Justin. But we must wait and see …

After a hard day of caving, Ali takes the guys in the place the most impressive ever, Blue Lagoon, is a guy dressed up hot spring resort room. Anthony Bourdain gone when he made his episode Iceland, and is one reason why I started thinking about going to Iceland. Ty gets the first time alone with Ali, and I can kind of them appear together, but I do not think he will go to the end. Chris L. one obtains the next time, and there is some smooching, and Frank became twitterpated. Finally, Frank gets some time alone and Ali reproached him for not being active on the dates of the group. Of course she still loves him, if Frank does not pay attention, his interest may decline because the other guys (except the silence Chris N) are actively campaigning for his time and interest. Frank comes to his senses and becomes as if it is not further stated that he will lose. Ty gets the rose for the date of the group. Holy Cow! I just realized that Chris N. went to that date. With bulky snow suits up I did not even notice he was there. This does not bode well, Chris! I think you get the boot unless someone does something shocking, and it probably needs to be illegal too.

Time and date for Kasey Justin. Another helicopter ride, this time the volcano (I will not even bother to write his name because I am persuaded that less than 1 percent of non-Icelandic can pronounce it correctly) that has recently rocked the industry and Europe threw in air travel chaos. High Five, Mother Nature! This is another reason why I want to go to Iceland, I want to see the volcanoes. As Ali (I think) points out, it’s crazy that it’s so cold here again is an island formed by volcanoes. During the adventure volcano, we’re treated to a voiceover rather disagreeable Justin comparing the situation with Kasey to a wrestling match with Ali as the championship belt. Although I get it to fall back on what he knows best to create this comparison, but Ali was a person, not a belt, and while all the other guys are talking about winning his love and heart, he is here talking about winning his. Check at least, Justin! I do not think it is there for Ali. Although it may not come on the show strictly to promote himself as a wrestler, I think he is more interested in winning the support of the creation of a relationship.

OMG! It is time to reveal Kasey’s great! My heart is racing. I do not understand much of what Kasey said, “but it shows the tattoo and … Ali looks like she’s kind of horror. My favorite verbal reactions of Ali are the following: “Your mother will kill you!”, “I’m glad the tattoo is special to you” (paraphrase), and “I thank you for being.” Ouch. Justin the Pink and Kasey is left alone on the glacier. Poor Kasey, he’s just trying too hard. And once again I’m skeeved because Justin is another reference R Regarded as he offers his opinions on why Kasey was not obtained a rose.

It’s cocktail time … Elimination excellent. Frank, after listening to Ali, grabs immediately for some time alone. Ali is very happy, and they smooch for a while. Craig gets his next and he said that since they have not had much time alone, he wanted to do something special to show him how he feels and he rolls up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo fake! Kasey will never live it down. But Craig is always funny tattoo. We finally have the chance to see Chris N. in action, and no wonder he never gets airtime. He seems calm and a little nervous. Ali tries to launch the movement of the conversation, but Chris does not really mean anything. I’m sure Chris will 99.9999% tonight at home.

They must have had a hard time editing this week because not only Chris N. get airtime, Chris Harrison as well. Chris asked Ali about Kasey and tattooing and Ali is very respectful of Kasey when she said she thinks Kasey fallen in love with the idea of falling in love on the show and was not sure he really loved him. I understand that Ali was kind. It would have been easier for her to make a big deal of his behavior overzealous and humiliating to the television, but it did not. Check out more, Ali! Chris offers to play armchair psychologist and suggested to Ali that she is afraid of falling in love and I say no duh, Chris! Ali said the same thing when introduced on the package the very first episode. Kirk, Ty, Justin, Frank, Chris L., Roberto, and Craig Rose, Chris N. go home. In a sad way, but say, we hear more of Chris N. during his interview that we heard from him in all the previous episodes.

Next week, Istanbul! Next week should be good, the mystery woman calls to say Ali one of the guys has a girlfriend.