Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ocotillo Ca: Earthquake

Today in Ocotillo Ca was an earthquake.It seems that in Ocotillo Ca many people were evacuated.The earthaquake from the Ocotillo Ca measures 5.7 degrees on the Richter. An earthquake measuring 5.7 degrees on the Richter scale shook southern California and Baja California late Thursday, killing minor damage to some structures of Tijuana, dozens of people evacuated from tall buildings and panic among the population.According to the Research Department of the United States Geological Survey (USGS, in English), the epicenter of the movement was recorded five miles southeast of Ocotillo, California, and 43 km west of Mexicali. In Ocotillo Ca was an earthquake.

Baja California’s government decided to suspend classes in schools in Mexicali, where the April 4 was a 7.2-degree earthquake killed two people, thousands of families homeless and millions in losses to homes, roads and fields culture.
Some landslides of rocks in the area of La Rumorosa forced to close the road the same name. It is among a set of hills that connects the municipalities of Tijuana and Mexicali Many people were evacuated from Ocotillo Ca because of an earthquake.

Seismologists Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE) identified major tectonic movements and the emergence of new failures after an earthquake in Mexicali, which have generated about 10 000 replicates.The same scientists anticipated that seismic activity would last about three months, and according to the director of Civil Protection, Ortiz Alfredo Escobedo, the movement is now part of the phenomenon. The buildings from Ocotillo Ca suffered minor damage.In Tijuana, Civil Protection personnel and Firefighters checked the condition of bridges, roads and buildings, and found that a security building showed some damage.During the first minutes after the move on Monday was blocked and telephone communication radios, due to saturation of calls, and not damage the connections.