Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kanye West BET Awards 2010 Performance

He's back on an Awards Show stage! Kanye West launched everyone into a powerful opening BET Awards 2010 performance, with his newest single "Power". This will be the lead song from his next studio album "Good A-- Job" due out in September 2010. "Power" is Kanye telling us how he's back again, and the ego certainly has not been humbled. Or has it?
The intense set on stage included Kanye rapping live up on top of a mock volcano with a huge screen behind him. The screen featured various scenery such as clouds, a winter blizzard, a lightning storm and more. Kanye wore a red-colored suit to go with the power trip on stage.

You've got to hand it to Kanye, because he likes to entertain. Some have criticized his controversial nature, but he still gives the fans quite a performance. His previous "Glow in the Dark" 2009 concert tour included his journeys into space. "808's & Heartbreak" featured Kanye going a new direction with his vocals. This latest set showed him fusing his "Power" single with the moods of various weather conditions. It's almost like Kanye is giving some sort of unique one-man Broadway performance when he raps live.

Does it seem like Kanye's back in favor despite the whole Taylor Swift incident? Seems many are willing to forgive and forget. Check out Kanye West's "Power" performance from the BET Awards 2010 below on YouTube video!

By the way, no BET awards for Kanye this year, maybe next. And luckily no interruptions on stage, just the eruptions of his fake volcano!