Friday, June 4, 2010

WWE Undertaker is Dead!

What happened to the undertaker? The June 4 broadcast from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brought disturbing news to the fans of one of the most notorious wrestlers ever. The show opened with Theodore Long, the WWE General Manager announcing that Undertaker had been severely beaten over the Memorial Day weekend and left in a vegetable state and is now dead, or at least practically dead. Although fans should know by now that this is probably just another one of WWE’s incredible story lines, fans everywhere are asking questions. Is the Undertaker dead? Did fans see the dreaded druids for the last time Friday night? With Undertaker dead, who will take his place in the Fatal Four-Way?

Kane, the Undertaker’s brother was featured throughout the show as he tried to find out what happened to the Undertaker and who was responsible for his fate. Kane instilled dread in the hearts of all WWE fans ominously saying that his brother would never rise again. Although everyone familiar with Undertaker lore has learned to expect to see him return to the ring, everyone knows in the back of their mind that Undertaker cannot last forever. In the midst of his sorrow, Kane resolved to bring vengeance upon Undertaker’s assailants and mourned that he was not by his brother’s side at the time when he was most needed.

Back in the real world, many fans are aware that Undertaker has been slowing down a lot. This man is an incredible legend in the industry and he has added almost unlimited intrigue to the WWE. Still, he has done about everything there is to do in the ring and his story lines, though immensely popular, are wearing old. Let’s face it, how many stunts with his trademark casket and druids can be done without getting boring and predictable? The obvious answer to the question of the Undertaker’s status is that he’s preparing for retirement. After all, he is ancient.

Other fans fear that Undertaker’s death could pave the way for him to exit the show for another venue where old WWE stars are put out to pasture. Although that could be the case, industry insiders say otherwise. At least one wrestling entertainment magazine reported that Undertaker was legitimately injured during his qualifying match versus Rey Mysterio last week. Such a report suggests that Undertaker’s injuries are serious enough to keep him out of the coming WWE pay per view event (PPV), the Fatal Four-Way. Having the Undertaker dead is perfect cover for why he is absent from that event, one of several lucrative PPV shows put on during the year.

With all that said, only time will tell what happened to the Undertaker.