Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hawthorne Tv Show

Hawthorne will soon be back with new episodes, of course through the new season as well. Yes, after waiting a very long time, eventually we will be able to enjoy this great series. You need to know, on Tuesday June 22, 2010 at 9:00 PM, TNT will air Hawthorne season 2 episode 1 No Excuses. Richmond Trinity has closed its doors, and today a lot of the staff have been transferred to James River. Yes, it is a glimpse of the plot of this amazing episode. Most likely, Christina and Bobbie also have to work hard in this episode to solve a serious problem.

But, unfortunately, we can not get a trailer / promo video of this great episode. Therefore, you need to read a summary of Hawthorne 2x01. In the 1st episode of the season things get unusual for Christina Hawthorne aft having to go to James River Infirmary because something occurred at Richmond Trinity. Christina must get along with fresh chiefs this go round. Love affair is in the air for Christina and Tom, and also fresh occupation positions. Unique, and very exciting, we really want to know what will happen with Christina and friends. For that, do not forget to watch Hawthorne No Excuses s02e01 full episode. By the way, James River is a rundown infirmary in a low revenue area.