Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justin Bieber Removes Left Testicle

As if the never ending ridiculous news about Justin Bieber will never end and now here it goes again. Justin Bieber removes left testicle is topping Google and Yahoo! searches. Why on Earth would someone like Justine Bieber do that and why are people so eager to really read about things which are not true in the first place.For more than a month now various news about Justin Bieber spread on the web most of them are false rumors about his death and the other one is about Bieber having a sort of Sexually Transmitted Disease. We will surely see more of the interesting news about Justine Bieber as long as he is popular.

Meanwhile on YouTube videos which hates Justine Bieber are also being posted with these words as the main titled. One YouTube user, a younger boy even entitled his YouTube video, “Holy Testicle Tuesday ǀ Orgasm Caused By Justin Bieber?”

For all Justin Bieber fans out there please always check and reference news articles regarding Bieber specially if they are negative ones because it seems his popularity wants to be cut short by some.