Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graeme McDowell Girlfriend

Graeme McDowell
Every fan of Graeme McDowell is searching about any information related to his girlfriend and making this a hot search over search engines. Well we searched a lot on several blogs and also tried to find out information at our own but unfortunately could not find any specific information about Graeme McDowell girlfriend. Some blogs are even claiming that whether she exists or not?

Well it can not be said that is there any girlfriend of this great European golfer or not? Probably she exists as it is not possible that a multi-millionaire is living his life without any girlfriend. But the question is where she is? What is her name? And why we are unable to find in depth information about Graeme McDowell girlfriend. We will definitely let our reader know if we find any information related to her.

Currently you may have a look at Graeme McDowell’s life. Recently he has won U.S. Opening Golf Tournament which was in its 110th tournament and by winning this title Graeme has become the only citizen of Europe in the last forty years who won this title. He really played very well and a shot of 3-over 74 was being played by him to win this mega event.

Graeme McDowell is based in Northern Ireland and currently was in United States for taking part in one of the biggest tournament of golf called U.S. Open Golf Tournament 2010. He is one of some excellent golfers and ended the tournament in his name by winning the victory trophy. He is currently making news for his girlfriend who is still unknown on the internet.