Friday, June 25, 2010


Michael Jackson’s death anniversary at Forest Lawn Memorial Park is expected to be epic. Will all of the preparations of the local authorities pay off, or will tearful MJ fans take over? Get the story here, and see photos and video here.It turns out that MJ is still the biggest ticket in show business—even after death, but officials at his burial site are not about to let overzealous fans run amok. As we prepare to remember one of the biggest losses to the music world in history, the folks at Forest Lawn are preparing for thousands MJ pilgrims.

Capt. John Egan will be heading up the unit responsible for the security of the burial site and the Jackson home in Encino. He said:

“Our philosophy is we plan for the worst-case scenario of thousands of people and for the best-case scenario of a smaller number.”

For the fans planning to show up at MJ’s final resting place, there will be stringent restrictions. They will be allowed to stroll by the ‘Holly Terrace’ area nearby the ‘Great Mausoleum’ where the late King’s body resides—but they can’t stick around for long.

Authorities will allow only certain items to be left behind, including flowers, tributes, statues, and other nick knacks. One thing they won’t bend on is commercial photography (ie the paparazzi). Among the other banned items are doves, candles, balloons, incense, posters, statues, radios and video cameras.

As with many stars of his magnitude, his posthumous record sales have blown through the roof. In the year since his death, he has sold roughly 24 million records worldwide.

The remembrance of his life will be marred by the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who faces an involuntary murder charge in relation to MJ’s death.

Check out some photos and video related to Michael Jackson Death Anniversary at Forest Lawn Memorial Park below.