Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ron Artest - Champions [Championship Theme Song]

After the Los Angeles Lakers won their second-straight title and 16th in their long history, the first person ABC Sports decided to interview was Ron Artest. Big mistake.

He went on to thank his hood, his doctor, his psychiatrist, and then plugged a new rap single, "Champion."He was serious, and on Saturday he appeared on a local Los Angeles radio station hosted by "Big Boy" to plug his championship track.
Big Boy says it's just hours after his win, so who knows how many night clubs he hit up before he arrived on the radio in the a.m.
He won't be taking Jay-z any time soon for the mantle of best rapper alive but the track does have some gems in it:"I love the fourth quarter, I love the ninth inning, I love Game 7, bring on the competition."
Pretty dope.

As crazy as Artest is, he deserves to try as many odd things as he wants after he dropped 20 points, five steals and five rebounds in their 83-79 Game 7 win, including a timely three pointer.