Thursday, June 24, 2010

Justin Bieber Hermaphrodite?

Justin Bieber being a hemaphrodite? Is the fact that a rumour again? This week, all these celebrities rumors began over the weekend. It makes you wonder how all of those rumors began? Is there any basis for this? Better however, who started these gossips?

Take poor Justin Bieber possibly who have been receiving all of those bad rumors since he became well-liked. It started with Justin being a hermaphrodite. The latest gossip about the teen sensation is the fact that he is pregnant. Other recent rumors about him are through the searches for example “Justin Bieber syphillis” or “Justin Bieber breaks neck” on Google.

There’s also a rumor spreading about the hot female Transformers (1 and 2 only) star Megan Fox. Yesterday, the trends reflected a headline of “Megan Fox aborts black baby”. These days, it changed to “Megan Fox molests black baby.” We know she is engaged correct now but don’t worry, she isn’t yet pregnant.

And finally, the Queen of Speak display Oprah Winfrey hasn’t avoided producing it on the rumors spotlight too. There is a rumor circulating the web that Oprah removes her sixth toe on Sunday, Father’s Day. Now this rumor originated from a photo by TMZ where Oprah was sported in white sandals and sporting what looked like a sixth toe. But, what Oprah has could be regarded a bunion about the foot. And if it’s certainly a hexadactly, a situation of getting a sixth toe, why would she have it eliminated over a Father’s Day?

Justin, Megan and Oprah are the recent celebrities who are a victim of these rumors, just like fellow celebs for example Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Luckily, the rumors they start are so weird that they do small to harm their career. We have our discretion so it’s our selection whether to believe these gossips or not.

Last and not least, Justin Bierber Hermaphrodite rumours are fake again.