Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mexico Vs Uruguay 2010 Results

Mexico Vs Uruguay Live Streaming Online
Mexico Vs Uruguay 2010 game at the World Cup wrapped just now and once again it turned out the exact opposite of what many people thought. The odds were stacked against Uruguay but after a looping cross from Luis Suarez, Team Uruguay sealed their position in the top spot of Group A and now Mexico will play Argentina on the next round.

It was a close battle to say the least. Andres Guardado’s shot was only inches away from the goal as it hit the cross bar after an ambitious kick 30 yards away. They pushed Uruguay as expected with Guardado and Dos Santos leading the charge but they were unable to crack the defense of Uruguay. At the last few minutes of the first half Salcido went for another goal but wasn’t even close to hitting the net. Mexico was aggressively pushing Team Uruguay but Edinson Cavani successfully broke down the right channel only to allow Suarez to scorewith a clean looping cross which won them the game.

The Mexicans actually got hold of the ball more times than Uruguay in the second half but Uruguay’s defense was solid and not one of their goal attempts hit home. The Mexicans are still in on the quarterfinals though and they are expected to face Argentina on the next game.

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