Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video Premiere: Lady GaGa “Alejandro”

The Alejandro music video was released today for Lady Gaga’s impressive song “Alejandro” from her album “Fame Monster.” The song has been a smash mainly due to the fantastic lyrics and great Latin beat.
And then she had to go and ruin it with a crazy video that has no relation to the song whatsoever.

I don’t think there’s much hidden meaning in this video at all, other than the red-painted cross at her crotch that could be her laughing at the rumors that she has a male member. Otherwise, the symbolism and surreal action/atmosphere seems to stand alone and have nothing to do with the song.
For one thing, the video appears to be set in Nazi Germany, which just doesn’t go with a Latin beat. The rest of it is just more nonsensical whimsy.
If you watch the video without the song, it’s interesting, evocative and eye-popping. I just can’t get past the fact that it’s paired with one of my favorite Gaga songs to which it has no relation. What a waste.