Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did Delonte West Bang LeBron’s Mom Gloria James?

The hottest rumor on the internet Friday (and I really hope it’s true) is that Cleveland Cavaliers backup point guard Delonte West slept with LeBron James’ mom Gloria James. Conspiracy theorists claim this is the reason that LeBron and West’s games were not quite the same from Game 4 forward in their series against the Boston Celtics.

Well that could explain LeBron’s massive egg in Game 5 and altogether uninterested play in Games 4 – and especially Games 5 & 6. In Boston’s clincher last night James did have a triple-double, but he also had 9 turnovers and seemed to not care too much in the last 5 minutes if they won or lost.

As The Big Lead reported, West’s minutes decreased heavily in Games 4-6. The same time frame of LeBron’s first career multi-game funk. Delonte sleeping with King James mom would be more than enough to ruin team chemistry or even LBJ’s game. James probably would have been half-way ok with it if his mom was sleeping with Shaquille O’Neal but the nutty Delonte West?

Remember last September Delonte was busted on his motorcycle for having two handguns and a shotgun strapped to a guitar case on his back. Maybe Delonte wasn’t so crazy then for packing so much heat. Maybe he was already deep in Gloria’s ‘Glory’ and knew he better be protected in case LeBron found out.

If true, if Delonte was going East and West with Gloria, then we can except King James to declare, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”