Wednesday, May 19, 2010

V: Season 1 Finale Review & Discussion

Will the first season finale of V have fans begging for the Visitor take over? Or, is it time for the series to return to its mothership for cancelation?
Tonight’s first season finale of V has the safety of the human race hanging in the balance. Although, as ABC recently made the decision to save V while canceling FlashForward, all eyes are now on this 80s sci-fi remake to affirm ABC’s decision to keep the series around – for one more season, at least.

This past season, the fifth column was forced to not only battle the invading Visitors, but also lengthy breaks between airings. As the resistance grew, Anna took the offense and gave birth to a new V army. With the help of newsman Chad Decker, the Visitors were able to convince the human race that, like E.T., they come in peace.Luckily, FBI Agent Erica Evans wasn’t convinced and with the help of a priest, an outlaw and a renegade V (insert walking into a bar joke here), they become one of the Visitors’ most formidable opponents. Unfortunately, while Erica is leading the charge to bring down the Visitors, her son Tyler started dating Anna’s daughter, Lisa. Despite lizard blood flowing through Lisa’s veins, her relationship with Tyler has changed her as she is now able to feel human emotions. Will she be become the greatest weapon for the resistance?

In the season finale of V, Val’s water breaks while she and Ryan are being chased by a V soldier, Erica is out to destroy Anna’s incubating army and Chad finally realizes that he has been used by the Visitors.

Buckle in, because the first season finale of V is upon us.