Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jordan Romero Has Climbed Everest at Only 13 Years Old

Jordan Romero has only 13 years old.Jordan Romero has climbed the biggest mountain in the world.The U.S. has become Jordan Romero, with 13 years is the youngest mountaineer in the history witch achieve the summit of Everest,by beating the record by three years of Nepalese Temba Tsheri, which in 2001 won with 16 the highest peak on the planet (8,848 meters). “The team has called and confirmed that they are at the top of Everest, the highest in the world. Your dreams have come true. Everyone was incredibly happy. They thanked everyone who supported and encouraged them during the expedition,” reports website of the young mountaineer.
On the computer that came with Jordan Romero, who left Tibet and to climb the north face, was his father, Paul Romero, who is a specialist in medicine and physiology, and her coach and stepmother, Karen Lundgren, along with three Sherpas . Romero is now seen as promotion to the next challenge Vinson Massif, Antarctica.
The young mountaineer California’s long blond hair had intended to climb Mount Everest but it cost him “two weeks or two years.” In a conversation before leaving for Tibet, Jordan Romero explained that his aim was to motivate other youth to practice sports and avoid being overweight. “I also make this a little for me to do something big.”
The seven summits
Born July 12, 1996, Romero continues to pursue its plan calls crown seven summits: the highest mountains of each continent. And has crowned all but the Vinson.
The idea to climb the seven summits occurred to Jordan where, nine years, he saw a mural at her school in Big Bear (California, USA) and did involve their parents achieve their dream of uploading. “I was surprised that even know what are the seven summits,” the father recalled. It is a total fan of nature. ”
The highest mountain he had climbed so far Jordan is Mount Aconcagua in Argentina (6,962 m). Everest To underwent a special training plan. “I still exercising, concentrating and doing resistance training,” said the young mountaineer, who has been asleep for a month in a tent that simulates high altitude to prepare their lungs. Jordan loves to “adrenaline” and is fond of the ’skateboarding’ and ’snowboarding’