Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Results from May 18 – Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon and Pennsylvania

It was an interesting day at the polls today for our friends from four different states. Here is a brief overview of the results.


In the Special Election to fill the late John Murtha’s seat for District 12, Mark Critz (D) has defeated Tim Burns (R).

For Governor of Pennsylvania with present Governor Ed Rendell (D) reaching term limits this year, the Democrat primary winner, Dan Onorato, will face Tom Corbett, the Republican winner, plus a Libertarian, a challenger from the Constitution Party, and two Independents in November.


The incumbent, Arlen Specter (D) has been removed from contention and will sit home next January. His Democrat challenger and winner of the primary, Joe Sestak, will face Pat Toomey, the Republican primary winner, in November.

In the Pennsylvania regular Congressional Primary Election, the results by District indicate the candidates for the November General Election.

District 3: The Democrat primary winner, Kathy Dahlkemper, will face Mike Kelly (R) and a Libertarian.

District 4: The incumbent, Jason Altmire (D) will face Keith Rothfus (R) and an independent.

District 6: Tim Gerlach (R) will face Manan Trivedi (D).

District 8: The incumbent, Patrick Murphy (D) will face Michael Fitzpatrick (R) and a Libertarian.

District 10: Thomas Marino (R) will face the incumbent, Chris Carney (D) and Dan Smeriglio (Constitution Party).

District 11: Paul Kanjorski (D) will face Lou Barletta (R).

District 12: As expected Mark Critz, the Democrat primary winner will face Tim Burns (D) and three other challengers.

District 13: The incumbent, Allyson Schwartz (D) will face Carson Dee Adcock (R).

District 15: Charles Dent (R) will face John Callahan (D) and a Libertarian in November.

District 17: Tim Holden (D) will face Dave Argall (R).

District 19: Todd Platts (R) will face Ryan Sanders (D).


For the US Senate seat of retiring Senator John Bunning, it looks like Kentucky has sold their soul to the Libertarians. Rand Paul has apparently defeated Trey Grayson for the Republican nomination. He will face Jack Conway (D) and John Long (Independent) in November.

In the Kentucky Congressional Primary Election, the results by District are:

District 3: The incumbent, John Yarmuth (D) will face Todd Lally in November.

District 5: The incumbent, Harold “Hal” Rogers (R) will face James E. “Jim” Holbert (D) in November.

District 6: The incumbent, A.B. “Ben” Chandler III (D) will face the Republican primary winner, Garland “Andy” Barr in November.


In the race for the US Senate seat occupied by Blanche Lincoln (D) who has been forced into a June 8 runoff with her Democrat challenger Bill Halter.

In the Arkansas Congressional Primary Election, the results by District including the candidates involved in the June 8 runoff are:

District 1: The Democrat primary runoff winner, Tim Wooldridge or Chad Causey, will face Rick Crawford (R) plus three others in November.

District 2: The Democrat primary runoff winner, Joyce Elliott or Robbie Wills, will face Tim Griffin (R) plus three others in November.

District 3: Mike Moore (R) will face David Whitaker (D) and Jerry Coon (Independent) in November.

District 4: The incumbent, Mike Ross (D) will face Beth Anne Rankin (R) and Marc Rosson (Independent) in November.


For Governor of Oregon with present Governor Ted Kulongoski (D) reaching term limits this year, Democrat John Kitzhaber will face Republican Chris Dudley in the November election.

US Senate

The incumbent, Ron Wyden (D) will face Jim Huffman (R) in November.

In the Oregon Congressional Primary Election, the results by District are:

District 1: The incumbent, David Wu (D) will face Rob Cornilles (R) and Chris Henry (Pacific Green) in November

District 3: The incumbent (Earl Boumenauer (D) will face Delia Lopez (R) and Michael Meo (Pacific Green).

District 4: The incumbent, Peter DeFazio (D) will face Art Robinson (R).

District 5: The incumbent, Kurt Schrader (D) will face Scott Bruun (R).

From all the information I can gather, Arkansas is the only state that will be holding runoff elections. I will confirm this information if possible tomorrow and add it here if I find something different that what I have posted now.

I am personally disappointed in the Kentucky race for US Senate. I feel like the Libertarian voters in Kentucky have sold out the entire state over their attempts to take over the Republican Party. You may rest assured that I will not cease fighting against this take over.