Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don Francisco Presenta Gay?

Don Francisco, a spanish TV personality whose show, Don Francisco Presenta (Don Francisco Presents) airs on spanish language Univision, presented a show titled (and translated from spanish to english): The Homosexual: Nature Or Nuture.
I did not blog about it for several reasons; they include he show and discussion being in spanish and followers of this blog being english speaking.Another reason was the show was just plain awful.Every one of the guests who appeared on the show, pro AND con, and this includes Peterson Toscano, were terrible.

Univision must have agreed; They have yet to post a the full show on the YouTube page, and whatever clips that been available on their website have been removed, all but this oneBut that was then and this is now and part of that now involves Ricky Martin coming out.So Don Francisco devoted another hour long show to the gays.The guests for this show included Miami celebrity hairstylist Samy; Fedro, winner of "Viva El Sueno" (Living The Dream), a spanish language version of American Idol, the mother of a gay man who for eight years refused to accept her gay son; and Silvia Olmedo, an author and psychologist.

If I'm not mistaken, there were other guests, but Univision didn't include them in this video.My thoughts - Even though the show wasn't about equality, Samy and Fredo did way better than those other guests in the "nature or nuture" show.
In fact, Samy even recited a favorite expression of his that Don Francisco apparently didn't take too well too.