Monday, May 24, 2010

Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfunction

Venus Williams has done will to keep the fashion industry on their toes during her reign as one of the top tennis professionals in the world. And, with her high profile sister, Serena, the two are always a treat for the fans. Serena faced hefty fines after her tirade at the U.S. Open against a lineman and she heads to the French Open where her sister was wowing the tennis world with her fashion. In the meantime, Serena Williams wardrobe malfunction came between the two events at the beach.
It seems Serena wasn’t too upset about the fines levied. She really doesn’t seem to be bothered by the trial period she faces in the major tournaments for the next two years. While hanging out in Barbados, she appeared to be doing some exercising or just some fitness activities. The beach is definitely a place for problems and Serena Williams wardrobe malfunction was caught on camera.

It comes with the title celebrity and professional athlete; no matter where you are, someone has a camera. And even if you are Serena Williams and you are on the beach enjoying an afternoon, you can bet someone at least as a phone with a camera sitting around. Indeed, Serena Williams wardrobe malfunction was caught in a photo and in a video. If she plans to show anything in a tennis uniform, the French Open is definitely the place to do it, even if she can’t out do her sister in fashion terms.