Monday, May 17, 2010

LeBron James Rumor Mill: His Mom, Delonte West and Free Agency

It seems like all it takes is a single line to spread a rumor around the country and that would be the most painful truth for those who are actually affected by the rumor. The rumor I am talking about here is that of LeBron James mom Delonte West and people know that though this may be some interesting news it is going to set off a whole new era in the Cleveland Cavaliers game as the team is going to be divided from now on. The site which spread the LeBron James mom Delonte West rumor was and it should take responsibility for what it claims by laying down some facts for the public and more importantly for the three people involved.

How would you react if you found out through a random conversation on the internet that your mother was having a relationship with someone who you played with? The news is indeed a shocker fo LeBron James and I am hoping that he takes the high road out of the LeBron James mom Delonte West situation. Though

there is something I would like to add and that it that Gloria James is old enough to be making up her own mind and there should not be anyone to keep her from doing what she really wants to though she should have considered her sons feelings before doing anything else.

Though since the rumor is still unsubstantiated there is no reason to be pointing the finger at anyone, I just hope that the three of them work it out amongst themselves and get over these trivialities so that they can return to their game without any bitterness.