Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rima Fakih Crowned Miss USA 2010

Rima Fakih: Miss Michigan Wins Miss America 2010 – She is the most beautiful American that night, Rima Fakih finally was proclaimed and hailed as the new Miss America 2010 during the coronation night of the Annual Miss America 2010.

Rimah Fakih, born 1986 in New York is a Lebanese American who won the Miss Michigan USA 2009 for the first time. Find out more whats instored for the new Miss America 2010 as she reigns for the entire year.

Aside from Miss Michigan Rima Fakih being the miss america 2010, candidates who got the special awards included Miss Congeniality: Nebraska – Belinda Wright and Miss Photogenic: Alabama – Audrey Moore. 1st runner-up – Oklahoma – Morgan Woolard, 2nd runner-up – Virginia – Samantha Casey, 3rd runner-up -Colorado – Jessica Hartman and 4th runner-up – Maine – Katie Whittier.

Fakih replaces Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton and won a spot representing the United States this summer in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant. She also gets a one-year lease in a New York apartment with living expenses, an undisclosed salary, and various health, professional and beauty services.

Rimah will serve as an ambassador of good will and she will fulfil her mission as the new Miss America 2010. Congratulations to Miss Michigan!