Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss USA 2010 Winner Rima Fakih Pole Dancing

Not only has Rima Fakih been crowned the new Miss USA 2010, which guarantees a run on every video or picture that has ever been taken of her, but it guarantees that anything even marginally embarrassing will make headlines — like pictures of the 24-year-old winning a pole dancing competition. Miss Michigan USA Rima Fakih hadn’t been Miss USA 2010 for a dozen hours when TMZ revealed part of her past for a national audience. The Detroit morning radio show “Mojo In The Morning” were on the story as well, since they were the original sponsors of the pole dancing championship — called “Stripper 101″ — that Rima Fakih won.

Back in 2007, long before she was Miss Michigan USA, a younger Rima Fatih decided to enter a local pole dancing contest. Dressed in blazing red shorts and a light blue spaghetti-strapped top, the beautiful brunette rubbed, caressed, slid up and down, grabbed and danced around a stripper’s pole so well that she walked away with the “Stripper 101″ championship. Not only did she win the title, she also won jewelry, gift cards, adult toys, and, best of all, a stripper’s pole for some home pole dancing.

A pole dancing competition or not, Rima Fakih won without actually stripping. She took no clothes off and was still declared the winner. The pictures posted on the “Mojo In The Morning” website attest to this. They also show that, even though there was no prize money, Rima Fakih impressed enough and was sexy enough that she was rewarded in the traditional method of strip bar patrons — a slew of dollar bills. One picture shows quite a few feathering up out of her top.

Some are calling it scandalous. Others are calling it fun being had by a young woman. Regardless, the “Stripper 101″ pole dancing competition and the pictures of it seem hardly enough to cause any damage to the Miss USA 2o10 winner. But we shall see…