Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watch Smallville Season 10 Online

So, it seems the last time I did one of these was the mid-season break. YIKES!
It’s not that the back half of the season hasn’t been good. Trust me, it has. We got the Justice Society, Checkmate, Silver Banshee, and even Max Lord. If anything, it’s probably been one of the best season’s of the show. To be honest, I don’t know WHY I haven’t been doing reviews. But I’m back just in time to wrap up season nine, and boy does it go out on a high note. With one exception…

Did anyone else notice that the Kandorian on the Washington Monument was not at ALL in scale?

That aside, this episode was great. We’re teased with the return of Lex, we’re shown Kal El’s costume (sort of), and if I’m not mistaken, we get a look at Granny Goodness and the potential presence of some Parademons. Yes, as Season 9 comes to an end and the battle with Zod draws to a close, it seems as though the stage has been surreptitiously set for an invasion of Apokaliptic proportions when Season 10 launches.

Oh, and Lois may be onto something…