Monday, May 17, 2010

Lakers vs. Suns Game 1, Lakers lead

Kobe Bryant, Jason Richardson
Lakers 117, Suns 91, 6:18 remaining in the fourth quarter

You know things are going well when Jordan Farmar swishes a three-pointer. Then Shannon Brown hits a three. Lakers on a 10-0 run. The Suns finally scored! And Gasol answers with a dunk. By the way, Kobe scores 21 points in the third quarter. He's on the bench right now.
Lakers 106, Suns 87, 9:06 remaining in fourth quarter

The teams start by trading baskets, except the Lakers are getting three points to the Suns' two. Kobe has 38 points. Lamar Odom gets slapped in the face "accidentally" on a rebound, then misses three shots, grabs all three rebounds and scores after a goaltending call. Khloe must be ecstatic. Two more points for Kobe. He has 40 now. And then Gasol scores and gets fouled for another three-point play. Josh Powell almost leaped over the backboard on a dunk attempt, exciting the crowd. I'd tell you what the Suns did, but does it really matter at this point?

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Wow. Is this game over, or what? For those of you wondering, Bret Hart did indeed win the U.S. title on Monday Night Raw tonight.

-- Houston Mitchell

Lakers 93, Suns 79, end of third quarter

Gasol extended the Laker lead to 19 with a short jumper and his 16th point. But Steve Nash, a two-time MVP, returned the favor.

Jason Richardson was able to close the margin to 15 and then hit a three-pointer to cut the lead to 12. After Odom missed a shot and the Suns turned the ball over the Lakers finished the period with two foul shots by Bryant to give him 34 points for the game and 20 for the period.

So, the Lakers have 14 a point lead with 12 minutes to play.

Lakers 89, Suns 72, 3:14 remaining in third quarter

It certainly appeared inevitable that Bryant would collect his fifth straight 30-point game when he came out of the timeout with an 18 footer to give him 28 points.

Steve Nash answered with a two but then Bryant got to 30 (and 31 after the foul shot) on a layup off a brilliant no-look pass from Pau Gasol. After Lamar Odom stole the ball from Nash, Bryant followed it up with two more and the Suns needed a timeout as they fell behind by 17, the biggest lead of the game.

Is this one over? We'll know soon enough.

Lakers 80, Suns 70, 5:21 remaining in third quarter

A seven-point was a pretty good way to start the third quarter for the Lakers but how much longer can the Lakers maintain a 61% field goal shooting pace? Of course the Suns 50% wasn't so bad either considering both teams haven't played in about a week.

The teams traded baskets to open up the period (Kobe Bryant and Robin Lopez; Pau Gasol and Lopez) and then a two and a three by Bryant gave the Lakers a 12-point lead.

But Steve Nash is one of the pre-eminent players in te game and he answered with a two and Amare Stoudemire backed that up with another basket.

After a turnover, Bryant got a little upset at the officiating was assessed a technical foul. Nash made the free throw but Bryant answered with his ninth point of the quarter.

When Grant Hill was whistled for his fourth foul it resulted in a technical, which Bryant made and then followed that up with two free throws and a 10-point Laker lead.