Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol: Who Went Home May 12?

Who went home on American Idol? Frankly who cares! Why is that show slumping? Because the judges gave it over to the audience, and then they interfered. They have brought in outside talent, and Ellen DeGeneres who is a comedian. What a dumb show, so dumb in fact that tonight they brought back Chris Daughtry whom they let go prematurely four years.

So who went home? Michael Lynch (Yawn.)

They should have let big Mike go home when it was his time. We knew it wouldn’t be Crystal Bowersox. So that left Lee DeWyze, Casey James (who was first to advance) and then, wow, Crystal Bowersox.

The most interesting part of the show now, is how big a jerk Ryan Seacrest can be. Are we really supposed to be involved in a show that is all about dragging things out to an emotional climax when in reality we don’t give a rip.

Even if Crystal Bowersox is voted off, she’ll be the star just like Adam Lambert. I don’t know if there is anything left to do that could keep American Idol alive, but if Simon Cowell leaves, just shut off your DVR, folks. Stick a fork in American Idol; it’s done!