Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Team Madonna: Dancing with the Stars Cha Cha Challenge 3 May 2010

Dancing with the Stars Cha Cha Challenge 3 May 2010
This week the couples will be put into two teams and compete in a Cha Cha Challenge. Their group scores will be added with their individual scores for their total. 6 votes this week.
Maks and Erin Andrews are first, and they need to make up for last week. Len didn't like the fact that Maks keeps taking his clothes off (I don't mind!) so this week, him and Erin argue over whether to have Maks take his clothes off. So, they start with a spoof about it that works...but she's a little off to begin with. After that though, it looks good. I think she's a little tight up top, but overall it's very cute. I think it will get decent marks, maybe even 8's. Len thinks it's Erin's best dance and is worried if Maks gets the song great balls of fire. Bruno loved it and he agrees with me about the shoulders. CarrieAnn thought it was gorgeous. 9, 9, 9. I like it.

Cheryl and Chad Ochocinco are next. Despite his breakout dance last week, I still think he should go. He bugs me. Tony came in this week to help with Chad's technique. Chad is such a smarmball. I can't take him seriously...the beginning stare into space made me laugh. There are some pretty good parts, and some seemingly awkward points, from my professional point of view! I think Cheryl did more of the moving than he did. Bruno thinks he's graceful and gentle and again agrees with me about his arms. I'm on a roll! CarrieAnn thinks it's sexy watching him realize how to be tender. Gross. Len thinks this is the night he becomes a contender. I just threw up a little. I think Cheryl will get a birthday poke from Chad's gentle side...Chad gave her a diamond heart necklace for her birthday...he'll probably give her the ocho point cinco later...I think he got all 8's...I turned away for a second to barf...

Nicole Scherzinger and Derik waltz next. This song is dedicated to Nicole's aunt who has down syndrome, so it will be extra emotional. Nicole is getting frustrated again with not getting it perfect. Not a big fan of the hand scarfs, but otherwise it's beautiful. I've nothing more to's just beautiful. CarrieAnn thinks Nicole is the best dancer ever on this show...I think that's bold. There have been a lot of phenomenal dancers. Len thought it was fantastic and invited her to his trailer...moving on...Bruno thinks she's as close to dancing royalty as she could possibly be. 9, 9, 9. Really? After all that hype and no 10's?? She looked much better than Erin.

Pamela Anderson is next and she actually put her boobs away this week. She kinda makes me sick too. So Damien and Pam go to the wildlife center so she can remember what's important...

Waltz - at this moment, billy vera and the beaters. singer has a massive lisp
dance was patchy, pam doesn't have much range of movement Len- nicoles' was a bigger deal, this was quieter - "need to firm up upper body" - 8
Bruno - you always get the character right, agrees with len about upper body - 8
CarrieAnn, i see improvement in your legs 8


niecy nash and louis

louis texting kelli osbourne during practice, niecy gives him shit, gives a message to kelli

quick step - you're the top - cole porter

very fun, very cool, and seemed well danced

bruno - niecy you look gorgeous, footwork better than ever 9
CarrieAnn - hit it and quit it - you're best dance, eveything small dainty and perfect 8
len- was you're best dance, need to lift you're ribcage. (niecy - "I got a lot to lift!") 8
She's actually kinda speechless...and then yells "I can dance!"

Had a sub for a moment as I picked up my brother, as I'm sure you could tell. For those that read the American Idol blog, you may recognise that I borrowed Stevie. Now I'm back.

Evan Lysacek is up next and has to make up for his fall last week. He has to make sure his lines are less lyrical. They have the Argentine Tango, he has to take control. He looks good. He has the attitude. They do some fun lifts, which are allowed in the Argentine Tango, so no subtractions from CarrieAnn. I liked it. Crowd loved it...CarrieAnn says Evan has the eye of the tiger, thought it was sexy and refined - and then she growls...Len says he was good on wood and is going to dust off his old ten paddle...yup. Bruno says Evan conquered his territory...goodness. What's in the water? Someone needs to start writing Brooke's lines...10, 10, 10. Wow! Love him!

Team Madonna vs. Team Gaga for the ChaCha Challenge.
Team Gaga = Pam, Nicole and Chad. They want Pam to go first because she's so hot and sexy. Chad goes next, and they end with a bang with Nicole since they're the strongest couple. They start as a group, solo, and end as a group. How did they manage to get the 2 couples who are doing it on the same team? They dance to telephone by Gaga. Not a good idea to start with Pam. She's got her sex face on, but seems to have forgotten some of her moves. I just noticed that her legs look just like Barbie's when you try to bend them. Chad is struggling with his arms again. Great idea to end with Nicole though. She's solid and sexy. They are pretty in sync as a group. Nicole is by far the strongest. They looked better together than as solo couples. Len praised Nicole's ChaCha. Bruno loved the end and had praise for all the celebs...I missed it. CarrieAnn saw Pam struggle and then talked about the sexual energy...that's because they're all doing it. Maybe not Nicole and Derik, but she's just sexy. 9,9,9, Not too bad. I think I would've thrown an 8 into the mix.

Team Madonna is up next with Evan, Niecy and Erin. I have really high hopes for this team. Niecy tries to show Evan how to pop his hips - hilarious. This team seems like fun. They start with the 3 celebs dancing with each other, which was fun. Evan looks a little stiff in his solo, but good nonetheless. Niecy is fun, but a little lacking technically. Erin looks good. the strongest solo i think. I don't know if they will get higher scores than gaga. They were a little less sharp. Bruno had great thinks to say about all of them, minus them losing sync at the end. CarrieAnn agreed about the syncing, but thought it was fun. Len thought the celebs were brave to start without the pros. I think their comments lead to lower scores than gaga. Niecy is happy she gets to show her giggly her. 8,8,8. That's what I thought.

Nicole and Derik and Evan and Anna are at the top with Niecy and Louis at the bottom. Vote vote vote.