Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Dancing with the Stars' elimination May 4: Pamela Anderson goes home

May 4, 2010 -- Tonight on 'Dancing with the Stars', Pamela Anderson was sent home. Her performances were always the perfect 'character' on the dance floor and everyone in the audience was sad she was the celebrity who was sent home. The decision tonight was a combination of judges scores and votes from fans across America.
Pamela Anderson definitely was having an off night. She was unable to dance the Team Cha-cha-cha again as she was injured and there seemed to be a sadness over the dance floor. Looking over her twitter account, you would also notice she was worried about going home as she repeated asked her fans to vote, many times more than the other contestants.

Knowing who is going home on May 4, 2010 doesn't make any of us feel any better. Pamela Anderson was a sparkle on the dance floor and she will be definitely missed.