Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Results May 11: Niecy Nash Voted Out

Niecy Nash
LOS ANGELES ( It seems that the viewers of “Dancing with the Stars” are ultimately getting serious about dancing and this has been proved by the May 11 results of “Dancing with the Stars”. The contestant to leave the show this week was Niecy Nash and her dancing partner Louis Van Amstel. It seemed that finally this week the audience decided to go with the decisions of the judges and voted the participants who were endowed with the least marks by the judges this week.

Niecy Nash and her dancing partner Louis Van Amstel had managed to remain in show owing to the viewer’s votes and had in the previous episodes given some good performances as well. This week the couples in the “Dancing with the Stars” had to perform two dances and Niecy Nash along with her partner could only manage to gather 43 points out of the total 60. Their performances failed to impress the judges. To follow them on the list were Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke. Though both failed to impress the judges, the “Dancing with the Stars” results in May 11 remained highly unpredictable as many times the viewer’s choice has differed from that of the judges.

On May 11 results episode of “Dancing with the Stars” the couples to reach the bottom two were Niecy Nash-Louis Van Amstel and Chad Ochocinco-Cheryl Burke. However the verdict of the viewers was passed in favor of the latter. As the decision was passed Niecy Nash said that she actually joined the “Dancing with the Stars” show with the expectation to win it and that each and every day on the floor she came with a “dream” to make it big.