Monday, May 10, 2010

EXCLUSIVE!! margarito vs garcia Video

The great Margarito vs Garcia fight took place last eve that is on the eight day of the month of May in the annum ‘10 at La Plaza de Torus Monumental in the city Aguascalientes in the American State of Mexico. The arena was packed with seventeen thousand boxing fans.

The fight was a must win for Antonio Margarito as in the Margarito vs Garcia encounter he made a come back into boxing
after staying suspended from the sport
for over a year which makes it around fifteen months. The fight was a golden chance for Margarito to regain his reputation which was lost when Plaster of Paris was found stuffed in his handgrips. When the two opponents jumped into the ring, Margarito knocked out Garcia in the first round. The over confident Garcia thought the fight will be an easy win for him. Also he held the view that the audience will never support Margarita as he was a boxer of tarnished repute. Garcia was proved wrong when the arena was full of roars of the spectators which were in favor of Margarito.

Garcia could score only two points during the ten rounds of Margarito vs Garcia fight which were withdrawn as he was giving low blows and was unable to bear the hard punches of the rival. Finally, Margarito was successful in outclassing Garcia.

Thirty two years old Antonio Margarito won the title of Champion of the World Boxing Association Welterweight Championship thrice. He is five foot eleven inches tall and weighs seventy kilograms and a very outstanding boxer. Thirty year old Garcia has a good career in boxing but he is not as quick and strong as Margarito.