Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama Cheating Scandal

That is the rumor hitting the blogs and a few news outlets online, but it may be a smear campaign based on thin sources and information in a season of dirty tricks. She denies it and deserves the benefit of the doubt, and so does Obama. Read more about it below, and see photos and a video.Some are reporting that Barack Obama is the target of a shadowy smear campaign designed to undermine his bid for the Presidency by falsely claiming he had a “close friendship” – code for affair – with an attractive female staffer.

That staffer is Vera Baker, 33 years old, who in 2004 was hired to work on his team for his bid to become a senator. The rumor mill suggests that she may have been removed from her duties and sent away after Senator Obama’s wife, Michelle, became angry (and bitter?) that he had developed a “personal friendship” – code for affair – with her.

These allegations were initially circulated in August, just two weeks before the DNC convention but gained little traction. But now the story is reportedly under investigation by the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, and the National Enquirer. While the MSM may be inclined to protect Obama, the National Enquirer tends to push stories into the public with thinner sourcing. We’ll see what happens, and our guess is nothing.

Vera Baker, who recently surfaced in Martinique, vigorously denies the rumor that she is Barack Obama’s secret girlfriend. We obviously give her the benefit of the doubt unless some more compelling evidence surfaces. She is quoted as saying:‘No,’ she said. ‘Nothing happened. I just left … at the end of the campaign.’‘I have no comment on anything.
‘I switched careers. That’s it. I’m a Democrat and I support Senator Obama … I don’t have anything to say.’Vera Baker does have attorneys retained to help her counter the rumors, which they said were ‘absolutely false’.There is some strange information that swirls around Vera Baker on the blogs. You can go check them out for yourself.So what is going on? Where are the rumors coming from?Some said back in August they were from disgruntled Hillary supporters. Now, of course, Obama supporters say they are from desperate Republicans. According to the Daily Mail, the story originated with political veterans who claim to be loyal Democrats trying to persuade reporters that they have Vera Baker’s interests at heart.
About Vera Baker:

Vera Baker: We do not have only Jesse James whose wife opted for the divorce. We have our own President Barack Hussain Obama whose wife allegedly shipped her thorn out to Martinique when she found about her husband’s extramarital affair with Vera Baker. Vera Baker was the Finance Director for Obama’s Illinois Senate campaign.

Le Matin, the Swiss newspaper has revived its older claims that Obama was involved with Vera Baker. The newspaper has claimed the existence of such video surveillance tapes that show President Barack Obama in a compromising condition with young Vera Baker. The newspaper goes further in its claims by adding that software engineers have succeeded in digging up email interaction between Obama and Vera Baker, since Obama’s presidency.

Le Matin claims would be welcomed by Republicans who were falling short of abuses for Obama and certainly they will try to orchestrate the newspaper claim as any thing that can be served as character assassination of 44th President of United States of America is a wet dream for Republicans. Anything that can give Republicans a chance to jeopardize the healthcare and financial reforms would be considered a blessing for the ailing Republican Party. A Lewinsky level scandal may suffice to satiate their blood-thirst of Obama.
However, the surfacing of the allegations from Europe is a little bit confusing as Obama enjoys an extraordinary popularity throughout Europe; especially the Swiss source is not comprehendible.Vera Baker had been a former political fundraiser and founder of Baker Wambu & Associates. Baker Wambu had been a top fundraising company for Congressional Black Caucus. Vera Baker also served as the Deputy Political director at Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.Vera Baker was born in San Francisco and she earned two graduation degrees from Mills College. Vera Baker had been working for Alta Capital Group since leaving her political fundraising. She has launched Cape Caribbean, LLC.