Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paparazzi - Greyson Michael Chance (Video)

boy who sings papparazi by lady gaga on youtube
A junior schoolboy has become an internet sensation with a stunning rendition of Lady Gaga's hit Paparazzi.Wannabe Greyson Michael Chance, who is thought to be 11 or 12, says he is 'very inspired' by Gaga.

And with his sweeping hairdo, we suspect he may be more than a little inspired by tween sensation Justin Bieber also. Chance was filmed giving a rousing piano rendition of Paparazzi for a starry-eyed audience of teenage girls at a school festival.The footage was posted on the internet and quickly attracted thousands of viewers.By last night the video had received almost 69,000 hits on YouTube.

He said: 'In the future I may get bored and change it up.'However he did reassure his young fans by saying that for the moment, he is 'kinda liking the long hair.'
As for Chance, he cannot be dismissed as just another wannabe.He has also posted several of his original song compositions on YouTube - proving that he has talent in his own right.The student posted his track Stars on the video sharing website, and quickly received praise from eager fans.One wrote: 'U are a million thousand times better than Bieber or any other no talent wannabes on the radio these days. i really hope i can hear YOU on the radio very soon one day!! :)'While another wrote: 'I think you should take Justin Bieber's place, because YOUR WAYYY BETERRRRR!'I'm honestly speechless at the moment. Wow, amazing. Keep it up!'

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'Lady Gaga is a freak but she has so much talent and her style of music is what I would like mine to be when [I'm] older,' Chance writes on his YouTube profile.Much like his predecessor Zac Efron, Bieber has become as famous for his styled coiffure as his musical talent.But Bieber recently admitted he hasn't ruled out cutting his hair, despite the fact he would devastate thousands of his female admirers worldwide if he chopped off his locks.