Friday, May 14, 2010

John Gardner Sentencing Video

Sex Offender John Gardner Sentenced to Life in Prison for Rapes & Murders of Amber Dubois & Chelsea King
Maybe we will once and for all learn that there is no rehabilitating these sex offender animals! All they wind up doing is escalating their crimes until it ends in murder.Convicted sex offender John Albert Gardiner has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the rapes and murders of 14 year old Amber Dubois and 17 year-old Chelsea King. Gardner was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for his crimes as well as a third life sentence for good measure.

John Albert Gardner had previous pleaded guilty to murdering the two teen girls.
What the hell is up with the MSM lately and their slobbering over terrorists and rapist killers? I can’t even begin to understand why the San Diego News Network actually bothers to waste words and reference that “tears streamed down Gardner’s face as the girls’ families read statements”.

Tears streamed down Gardner’s face as the girls’ families read statements. He wiped tears away with the lime-green jumpsuit he wore. He kept his head down, crying harder when Amber’s family screened a video with photos of the blue-eyed teen with friends, riding horses and playing in the rain.Who honestly cares whether this murderous pig cried! Do you think for one second Gardner cared whether Amber or Chelsea cried as they begged for their lives while this rapist murdering dog had his way? But for some reason like with the recent Times Square terror bomber the MSM feels the need to humanize these pieces of garbage.

There is only four words needed to be reported and those were the ones of the families to Gardiner at the sentencing … GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

Speaker number is David Cate, Amber’s stepfather. He to reads a statement and as he proceeds, Gardner still shows no movement, no emotion. He continues to look down as he says if they had put more money into the prison system the public would never have to see or deal with a sick pedophile like you (meaning Gardner). According to her father, Amber’s seven year-old little sister says she hates John Gardner as much as she hates the devil. Still no movement from Gardner as he says an eternity is a long time to burn in hell and you will not be missed.”

Actually, I am sure that Gardner will have plenty of time, in fact an eternity, in the not too distant future as there is a special place already reserved in the 7th level of hell for this murderous, raping dog.When will we ever learn as a society that these sex predators cannot be rehabilitated? The only remedy is prison bars, a needle or a bullet. The rapes and murders of Amber and Chelsea could have been foreseen by all, including his family. Gardner served a mere 5 years for the beating and molesting a 13 year-old girl in San Diego in 2000. He faced a maximum of nearly 11 years in prison, but in the brilliance of the prosecutors they only asked for six years. That’s it, 6 lousy years for a sexual predator. What did it learn Gardner … how to rape and murder.When will we start taking these crimes serious in the beginning and lock this animals away forever.