Sunday, May 9, 2010

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UFC 113 Update: Kimbo Slice V.S. Matt Mitrione Ends With A TKO
NFL veteran Matt Mitrione delivered a TKO match with Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson at 4:24 in the second round of UFC 113. The clashed between the two fighters was a one sided fight.

Kimbo started strong with an ugly takedown at the start of the match but suddenly found himself in a triangle choke. Mitrione tried to hold to Kimbo for as long as he could but Kimbo found a way to break free. Slice controlled most of the action until they were back on their feet. The round ended as Mitrione knocked Kimbo down to the floor and tried an anaconda choke.

During the second round, Mitrione finally showed the fruit of his hard work with UFC fighter and kick enthusiast, Pat Barry.

Mitrione rained Kimbo’s legs with some swift kicks until Kimbo had experience pushing of his legs. Kimbo was exhausted from defending and Mitrione decides to take him down to the ground and gained full mount. Kimbo tried to survive the opponent’s rain of punches and Mitrione also attempted an Americana submission but failed. The match ended with a TKO as Mitrione launched punches to his opponent at 4:24