Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Won The Amazing Race 2010? Amazing Race 16 Winner

amazing race 16 winner
Who Won the Amazing Race 2010?/Amazing Race 16 winner infos can be found here. CBS aired the finale of The Amazing Race 16 last night and the big winners are brothers Daniel and Jordan Pious.The dynamic duo from Barrington, R.I. left Shanghai and traveled to San Francisco where they managed to win the last competition which consisted of :

Ascending up the Coit Tower, navigating a virtual maze at visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic, lugging a giant trunk through the streets of San Francisco and assembling a puzzle of the previously eliminated teams from the around-the-world competition’s 16th season.

The siblings were well rewarded with a $1 million grand prize and a chance to make all their dreams come true.Speaking of dreams the Pious brothers plan to travel the world again,open their own business and meet Tom Brady of the Patriots.
The cowboy brothers Jet and Cord McCoy from Tupelo, Oklahoma came in second place while our favorite dating models Caite Upton from Lexington, S.C., and Brent Horne from Columbia, S.C., lingered in third place.It was a highly entertaining episode where the pairs of brothers really put on a show till the end.