Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Cut, How Old is Bon Jovi, Chris Daughtry Divorce and American Idol Top 3

EVERYTHING you need to know is here. Just find the links for more info on each topic.

Lots of stuff trending the internetosphere and we’re here to tell you what’s up!

You Cut is now in play! You Cut is a question to everyone if you were to Cut government spending, they are asking where would YOU CUT it? YouCut is a new question that hopes to get everyone, every tax paying citizen, involved. You can find more info on You Cut or YouCut on the links

Lots of people are asking How Old is Bon Jovi? Well, this trend of old music and older musicians usually starts when an old song gets played on Glee or on American Idol. Yes, the Gleeks and American Idol fans out there have a lot of trending power. Well, Bon Jovi is pretty freakin old, if not for all the probable botox, Bon Jovi would probably look like your great grandfather. So to answer the question of How old is Bon Jovi? Well, I’ll let Bon Jovi himself tell you on the video link

Chris Daughtry Divorce is up in the air. There are speculations that this Chris Daughtry divorce is simply one divorce with his band or a Chris Daughtry Divorce with American Idol. But reports from his own website tells us more. Please find link to read more about Chris Daughtry divorce