Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol announces the top 4

American Idol" is not for children--just ask Aaron Kelly.
The 17-year-old's "Idol" competition ended Wednesday. Well, at least he got to sing with Harry Connick Jr. and watch Lady Gaga perform with Spanx-clad male dancers.
"I've had a blast," the fifth-place finisher told Ryan Seacrest before closing the show with a song. That leaves Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Michael Lynche to sing "songs from the movies" next week. DeWyze showed this week that he's a favorite. For Frank Sinatra week, DeWyze did an excellent job with "That's Life."

Even though I don't think he delivered "a moment" as the judges said, it was a solid effort that topped all.
Connick, this week's mentor, showed that he has the stuff to take judge Simon Cowell's place next year. He wasn't necessarily mean, but he was a lot of fun. When DeWyze finished, Connick said "Nice job." He then turned to the audience and mouthed, "Not really."
Awesome. And the guy actually can show contestants how it's done. He performed solo and with the idols, and led the band too.

Now, about that other performance on Wednesday: Lady Gaga sang "Alejandro," a low-key performance for her. She wore some kind of lacy thing from toe to over-her-head that made her look like a high-class beekeeper. Eventually she lost the bug-net, stripping down to just the undergarment get-up. I guess I'm used to crazy antics and BIG stuff from the Lady. It was kinda boring.